Defining Sisterhood with Gather & Shine


Welcome to a your new favorite space where genuine connections and endless opportunities to collaborate and ignite your inner leadership awaits a brilliant woman like you.

In a world where women are expected to constantly juggle roles and take care of everything and everyone around them, having a dedicate space that's meant just for you becomes a game-changer. 


It isn't a place for comparison or competition.

It's a safe space where small talk leads to fearless conversations that truly matter. Giving your an opportunity to peel back the layers of being a woman, sharing dreams and expressing concerns without the weight or fear of judgment. Here, your voice isn't just heard but felt and celebrated, creating a ripple effect of empowerment in your life and in the lives of everyone you touch. 


Here's How Gather & Shine Works


Strategic Coaching


Dive deep into the realm of your unique experience, transforming the abstract way you experience the world into profound and practical insights. This goes beyond reshaping your worldview. It's a dynamic process that stirs your soul and unveils a clear path for crafting a life that's in alignment with your true self.

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In the enchanting backdrop of our retreats, discover the synergy of sisterhood, luxury, and transformative immersions that will leave an indelible mark on your soul. These experiences are meticulously crafted for accomplished women who yearn for more than just an escape but a sanctuary to rejuvenate, be seen and be poured into.



Gather & Shine Society 


Join our free Gather & Shine Society on Facebook to connect with like-minded women, share your unique story, and experience the richness of supportive bonds.



Since our first meeting in 2019 it has been Leslie’s’ unwavering aim to make a significant impact on women’s well-being. Leslie encourages women to fully embrace their wildest dreams, to work towards those goals while also being the realist - she won’t let you fall prey to those pesky fairytale wishes.


Hi, I'm¬†Leslie Fuqua Williams ‚ÄĒ

I believe that when women come together, incredible things happen.

My entire personal and professional life, I was fortunate to be surrounded by incredible women leaders who taught me the power of courage, confidence and grace. They were my mentors, colleagues and inspirations, guiding me through many pivotal moments.

These experiences instilled in me a deep understanding of the unique strengths women possess. I've seen firsthand how our blend of empathy, strategic thinking, and unwavering determination can lead to incredible outcomes and I believe that when women thrive, companies grow, families prosper and communities blossom.


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Gather & Shine Monthly Fireside Chats 

Escape the ordinary as we explore subjects that aren't discussed often enough amongst women, creating an authentic space for growth, healing, and connection with Leslie and a unique lineup of speakers and experts.