Hi, I'm Leslie Fuqua Williams.

I believe that sisterhood, luxury, and transformative experiences are essential for every woman's journey.

From Corporate Success to Empowering Women

Eight years ago, I left a 20+ year successful career in Corporate America to become an entrepreneur and I had two main ideas.

I wanted to¬†partner with conscious-minded companies¬†in crafting great leaders, so I founded a consulting¬†firm ‚Äď The Artefax Group.¬†


I wanted to support women, like myself, who craved more from life and that's why¬†Gather & Shine was born ‚Äď to¬†provide an intentional¬†space for women to come together, discuss their aspirations and learn how to receive.¬†

As a coach, my role extends beyond guidance.

In a world where societal expectations often dictate the paths women should tread, my strategic coaching offers a personalized roadmap for each woman to navigate her unique journey with courage, confidence and grace. 

With me by your side, you're not just gaining a guide but a transformative ally. I understand the intricacies of your aspirations, serving not only as a mentor who believes boundlessly in your potential but also as a confidante who encourages you to authentically embrace yourself. 

The impact of having someone like me as your coach goes beyond professional development. It's a powerful journey of self-discovery and the unwavering belief that you have the capability to craft a life aligned with your deepest desires.

Together, we'll break free from societal constraints and forge a path that reflects the authenticity and greatness within you.

Gather & Shine, is for women who value...

  1. GROWTH. We create spaces that foster personal and professional growth, providing a safe environment for women to stretch, expand and thrive.
  2. CONNECTION. We place a high emphasis on genuine connections that promote sisterhood, collaboration, celebration and support.
  3. ACCOUNTABILITY. We recognize the role accountability plays in the healing process and create a space where women can heal, transform, and expand.
  4. LEADERSHIP OF SELF. We model the embodiment of confidence and encourage women to take charge of their own paths, both personally and professionally.
  5. CURATED EXPERIENCES. We come together for luxurious transformational experiences that elevate lives and go beyond the ordinary.

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